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The CECD is an AHRC funded research group dedicated to examining the evolutionary underpinnings of human cultural behaviour, past and present. more>

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AHRC CECD Web-Archived Resources (Phase 1 & 2 Projects):
Project 003: How does the scale of spatial similarity in culture correlate with population density?
  Resource description: Californian basketry data analysed in Jordan, P. and S.J. Shennan (2003) Cultural transmission, language and and basketry traditions amongst the California Indians. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 22: 42-74
  Deposited by: Peter Jordan
  Resource description: Jordan, P. (2009). Linking Pattern to Process in Cultural Evolution: Explaining Material Culture Diversity among the Northern Khanty of Northwest Siberia. In: S. Shennan (ed), Pattern and Process in Cultural Evolution. Berkeley: University of California Press. pp 61-83
  Deposited by: Peter Jordan
  Link: PJordan_NKhanty data_ Shennan ed Pattern and Process in Cult Evol UCP.xls
Project A009: Constructing the Human Niche at the End of the Last Ice Age: An Integrated Quantitative Approach to the Pioneer Late Pleistocene Human Re-colonisation of Europe
  Resource description: Late Glacial projectile point data analysed in Riede, F. (2009) The loss and re-introduction of bow-and-arrow technology: a case study from the Southern Scandinavian Late Palaeolithic. Lithic Technology 34(1): 27-45
  Deposited by: Felix Riede
Project 021: Spatial analysis of cultural change in the early Neolithic of Europe
  Resource description: C14 database compiled by Marina Gkiasta and analysed in Gkiasta, M., T Russell, S Shennan, J Steele (2003) Origins of European agriculture - the radiocarbon record revisited Antiquity 77: 45-62
  Deposited by: Stephen Shennan and James Steele