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The CECD is an AHRC funded research group dedicated to examining the evolutionary underpinnings of human cultural behaviour, past and present. more>

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Welcome to the AHRC Centre for the Evolution of Cultural Diversity website. The AHRC CECD is a Phase Two AHRC Research Centre (2006-2010), building on the earlier work of the AHRB Centre for the Evolutionary Analysis of Cultural Behaviour. If you are looking for Centre information that you cannot find here, please let us know. Contacts.

Current Articles:

09/12/2011: From action to language (New Publications)
Royal Society Publishing will shortly publish From action to language:comparative perspectives on primate tool use, gesture and the evolution of human language, compiled and edited by James Steele, Pier Francesco...
09/12/2011: Melanie Challenger (CECD Creative Fellow)'s new book 'On Extinction' (Books)
Melanie Challenger, Creative Fellow at the AHRC CECD, has just published her book On Extinction (Granta Books, 2011).

Melanie recounts her journeys through changing landscapes, and reflects on extinctions and the...
15/11/2010: Journal special issue on 'Cultural and linguistic diversity: evolutionary approaches' compiled and edited by James Steele, Peter Jordan and Ethan Cochrane (New Publications)
Papers from the CECD conference on ‘Cultural and Linguistic Diversity: Evolutionary Approaches” have now been published as a special issue of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society Series B ...
15/11/2010: Voice Box - Physics and Evolution of Speech (school science extension activity) (New Publications)
Voice Box: The Physics and Evolution of Speech, a booklet and DVD-based school science teaching resource on the biology, physics and evolution of speech aimed at 11-12 year-olds, has been...
15/11/2010: Language competition and the future of Scottish Gaelic (Research Findings)
Research by Anne Kandler and James Steele and a colleague from Chemnitz University on the future of Scottish Gaelic has recently been published in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal...
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