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Phase 1: Ecological dimensions of cultural evolution: Project 004
Gene flow and cultural uniformity

SUPERVISOR: - Stephen Shennan


This project will provide a direct archaeological test of the hypothesis that archaeological culture distributions are a function of the same interaction patterns that affect gene flow. It will thus provide information on the extent to which archaeological patterns are a product of past population movement, one of the longest-standing questions in the discipline, and a question of renewed importance in the light of recent attempts to link genetic, linguistic and cultural patterns in accounts of World prehistory. The Neolithic and Bronze Age of Central and Western Europe provide ideal material for this purpose, with large numbers of cemeteries containing skeletons with grave goods. The following methods will be used: (1) measurement of inherited craniodental variation in Neolithic and Bronze Age skeletons from Western and Central Europe to characterise spatial patterns of similarity and difference, (2) characterisation of patterns of variation in associated material culture using quantitative techniques, and (3) statistical comparison of spatial variation in skeletal traits with the spatial variation in material culture.

This project is currently inactive. If you are an interested graduate or prospective graduate student at University College London or Southampton University, and would potentially like to work on this project, please contact the CEACB.