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09/12/2011: From action to language (New Publications)
09/12/2011: Melanie Challenger (CECD Creative Fellow)'s new book 'On Extinction' (Books)
15/11/2010: Journal special issue on 'Cultural and linguistic diversity: evolutionary approaches' compiled and edited by James Steele, Peter Jordan and Ethan Cochrane (New Publications)
15/11/2010: Voice Box - Physics and Evolution of Speech (school science extension activity) (New Publications)
15/11/2010: Language competition and the future of Scottish Gaelic (Research Findings)
22/10/2010: CECD Conference: Papers now available in Open Access (New Publications)
30/08/2010: *Registration open* AHRC CECD 2010 Conference on Cultural Evolution in Spatially Structured Populations - 13th-15th September 2010 (Meetings)
17/08/2010: Norms and Moral Psychology Conference (Meetings)
02/08/2010: AHRC CECD 2010 Summer school: Modelling of spatial diffusion and dispersal processes in social science (Meetings)
13/07/2010: Vacancy Leverhulme PhD Studentship: Learning to be Human - Skill Acquisition and the Development of the Human Brain (News)
10/03/2010: AHRC Centre for the Evolution of Cultural Diversity – Bursaries for Visitors (News)
19/10/2009: Visiting Scholar Talk: Modelling the Evolutionary Ecology of Hawaiian Complex Chiefdoms (Visitors)
28/08/2009: Humans first evolved the ability to digest milk around 7,500 years ago (News)
12/05/2009: Exhibition: Discover Culture with Darwin (News)
01/05/2009: Pots, Palaces and Politics (Meetings)
28/03/2009: AHRC Centre for the Evolution of Cultural Diversity – Bursaries for Visitors (News)
16/01/2009: UCL Institute of Archaeology Research Seminars - Spring 2009 (News)
15/10/2008: Theory, philosophical schools and practical applications of Biocultural Taxonomy (Meetings)
15/09/2008: AHRC CECD Summer School in Cultural Phylogenetics (News)
06/08/2008: British Academy Symposium - Social Brain, Distributed Mind (Meetings)
22/02/2008: Evolving trails (Research Findings)
19/02/2008: Vacancies: British Academy Centenary Research Project (News)
11/02/2008: PhD Studentship - Social diversity, isotopic analysis, and the origins of complex society at Ban Non Wat, Thailand (News)
15/01/2008: New member of staff (News)
02/12/2007: CECD Creative Fellow appointed (News)
05/11/2007: AHRC CECD - New member of staff (News)
31/08/2007: Social learning and cultural evolution Workshop - Hosted by University of Durham, Department of Anthropology (Meetings)
24/08/2007: Vacancy: Research Assistant/Research Associate post in: The Behavioural and Cognitive Organization of Stone Tool-making, funded by the European Commission. (News)
26/07/2007: LERN workshop for postgraduate and post-doctoral students - Modern approaches to investigating cultural evolution. (News)
07/06/2007: STUDENT BURSARIES for attending the BA FESTIVAL OF SCIENCE in YORK Sept 2007 (Awards)
01/06/2007: EHBE Conferences Website Launched (News)
17/05/2007: Vacancy: Research Fellow in Vocal Tract Acoustic Modelling based in Southampton. (News)
17/05/2007: Vacancy: Postdoctoral research position in psychology and movement science applied to archaeology based in Paris. (News)
05/05/2007: AHRC CECD new member of staff (News)
30/04/2007: AHRC CECD new member of staff (News)
20/04/2007: Innovations - Arkeotek and Archaeoinformatics (News)
30/03/2007: Fashions change, but change is always the fashion (Research Findings)
05/03/2007: Article by Dr Mark Thomas: Early Europeans 'couldn't stomach milk' (Research Findings)
27/02/2007: AHRC CECD New member of Staff (News)
23/02/2007: AHRC CECD - New member of staff (News)
13/02/2007: Ethnographic Database Project website launched (News)
05/02/2007: AHRC CECD - Award for visiting Research Fellow (News)
05/01/2007: Vacancy: PostDoctoral Research Fellowship - the Evolutionary Anatomy of Speech (News)
20/12/2006: Vacancy: New AHRC PhD studentship in Department of Linguistics and English Language, University of Edinburgh (News)
12/12/2006: UCL - Institute of Archaeology Research Seminars, Spring 2007 (Meetings)
29/11/2006: Vacancy: New AHRC PhD Studentship at Department of Archaeology, University of Sheffield (News)
29/11/2006: Leslie Aiello - Huxley Memorial Lecture - 7th December (News)
18/10/2006: London Evolutionary Research Network (LERN) (Meetings)
04/09/2006: Vacancy: AHRC CECD Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Modelling of Cultural Evolution on Phylogenies (News)
02/09/2006: HANDTOMOUTH - New EC Pathfinder project (Awards)
23/08/2006: London Evolutionary Research Network Annual Conference (Meetings)
07/08/2006: Beautiful people tend to have girls (News)
19/07/2006: Y-chromosomes and the social structure of Anglo-Saxon England (Research Findings)
19/07/2006: US graduate training scheme will involve exchanges with CECD (News)
18/07/2006: NSF Fellow based at CECD (Visitors)
28/06/2006: New Research Grant goes to Stephen Shennan and Keith Dobney for "The origin and spread of stock-keeping in the Near East and Europe". (Awards)
24/06/2006: The birth of jewellery and personal adornment. (News)
10/05/2006: Vacancy: Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in the Mathematical Modelling of Cultural Evolution (News)
04/04/2006: AHRC CECD Workshop/Conference (Meetings)
04/04/2006: AHRC Centre PhD studentship available - gene/culture coevolution (News)
04/04/2006: AHRC Centre PhD studentship available - measuring linguistic similarity (News)
28/02/2006: Gustavo Politis to visit the Centre (Visitors)
01/01/2006: The Phase Two Centre is launched! (News)
25/11/2005: CECD is hiring! (News)
19/10/2005: The AHRC welcomes Dr. Marian Vanhaeren (Visitors)
18/10/2005: Incoming CECD Director James Steele participates in diverse series of talks (Meetings)
18/10/2005: CEACB Director Stephen Shennan becomes Director of UCL Institute of Archaeology (News)
24/08/2005: Pattern and Process in Cultural Evolution conference pack released (Meetings)
18/07/2005: New CEACB research at University of British Columbia, Vancouver (Research Findings)
08/07/2005: Conference: Origins of Ceramics and Hunter Gatherers of Northern Eurasia (Meetings)
13/06/2005: The Evolution of Cultural Diversity: A Phylogenetic Approach (Books)
13/05/2005: A short walk through the Balkans (Meetings)
06/05/2005: The Island Chumash (New Publications)
06/05/2005: CEACB researchers prepare for summer expeditions. (Research Findings)
08/04/2005: How old are the Indo-European languages? Progress or more moths to the flame? (Meetings)
06/04/2005: CEACB welcomes Takehiko Matsugi (Visitors)
07/03/2005: UCL's Centre for Evolution of Cultural Diversity receives £1.25 million five-year grant from Arts and Humanities Research Board (Awards)
11/02/2005: Post Doctoral Positions at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (News)
02/02/2005: Details of 2005 Conference (Meetings)
01/02/2005: New publication on social information transmission (New Publications)
01/12/2004: Teeth give clues to the structure of early farming settlements in Thailand (Research Findings)
01/12/2004: Poster call for 2005 AHRB CEACB conference (Meetings)
18/11/2004: Evolutionary Anthropology Society to become reality (Meetings)
18/11/2004: Society in Science invites proposals for The Branco Weiss Fellowship (Awards)
02/11/2004: Peter Jordan takes up position at Sheffield (News)
02/11/2004: Prof. Shennan and Dr. Jordan attend conference at Santa Fe Institute (News)
02/11/2004: Archaeobotanical Evidence Shows Paths of Earliest European Farmers (Research Findings)
09/10/2004: Research Opportunities (News)
09/10/2004: The Evolution of Spoken Language: Workshop 2004 (Meetings)
09/10/2004: Dr. Aimee Plourde to take up two-year research position at CEACB (Visitors)
09/10/2004: Evolution of Cultural Diversity: a Phylogenetic Approach (Books)
15/09/2004: AHRB CEACB 2005 Conference Announced (Meetings)
06/09/2004: How Did Farming Spread into Europe? (Research Findings)
05/09/2004: Strong Mothers Bear More Sons (Research Findings)