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Phase 1: Cultural innovation and transmission: Project 029
Ceramic analysis and cultural process: early Neolithic pottery in the Balkans

SUPERVISOR: - Stephen Shennan, and Paolo Biagi, University of Venice

Michela Spataro (Institute of Archaeology, University College London)


The main aim of this project is to use the ceramic evidence to test a number of hypotheses concerning the processes involved in the spread of farming into SE Europe. The focus is on Neolithic Starcevo and Cris Culture ceramic assemblages through the scientific analysis of the minerals employed in their manufacture . These Cultures , which mark the appearance of the Neolithic in the central Balkan Peninsula (~ end 8th millennium bp, in radiocarbon years) are known from settlements located in central Croatia, Serbia, Romania and the Great Hungarian Plain.

The project will consider the technological production processes of the ordinary and painted wares as well as of the cult ceramic objects. Thanks to the minero-petrographic and XRD analyses of the ceramic and of the soil samples collected from the proximity of the sites, it is possible to define the raw material sources exploited for pottery production, both clay and mineral inclusions. Once the ceramic manufacture centres have been defined with this method, it will be possible to interpret the models of circulation of the ceramic products and the exchange/trade movements of the vessels and/or of other types of objects.

To achieve this aim it is also necessary to define the chronological sequence of the settlements taken into consideration for this research; for this reason the project budget includes funding for a series of conventional and AMS radiocarbon dates.

Spataro has collected the necessary bibliography for the study of the Starcevo-Cris Culture and to write an overview of the pottery typology of this culture. Many archaeologists from the regions have kindly offered to help with the research.

Spataro recently collected sherd and soil samples from the site of Donja Branjevina in Odzacj (Serbia, Yugoslavia). She is photographing the sherds and analysing thin sections of the pottery from two Starcevo-Cris sites, Gura Baciului (Cluj Napoca) and Seusa Leucararea Morii (AlbaIulia).

The soil samples from three sites are currently being analysed by XRD analysis. Sherds from another site are undergoing for thin section analysis. Finally, 10 bone samples from some of the Romanian and Serbian key sites have been sent to Groningen for C14 dating.

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