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What is the CECD? 
The CECD is an AHRC funded research group dedicated to examining the evolutionary underpinnings of human cultural behaviour, past and present. more>

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Principal Investigator Profile
Prof Stephen Shennan
Professor of Theoretical Archaeology; Director, Institute of Archaeology, University College London

31-34 Gordon Sq.
Tel: +44 20 7679 1493
Fax: +44 20 7383 2572

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Research and Teaching interests
Application of biological evolutionary theory and methods to archaeology, prehistoric demography, ethnicity, prehistoric social and economic insitutions
Educational Background
MA University of Cambridge
PhD University of Cambridge
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Associated AHRC CECD Projects (Phase 2):
Project A002
Lactose tolerance and population expansion in prehistoric Europe
Project B003
The Evolution of Cultural Diversity in Iranian Tribal Populations: Core Traditions or Multiple Lineages?
Project B006
Comparative Tupi project
Project C001
Polity and pottery: innovation and evolution
Project C006
The origin and spread of Neolithic animal economies
Project C010
Measuring Cultural Selection
Project X001
The Role of Innovation in the Evolution of Cultural Systems: Contributions from Evolutionary Anthropology

Associated Continuing AHRC CEACB Projects (Phase 1):
Project 034
Minds in Prehistory: Conceptual Issues in the Archaeology and Evolution of Mind
Project 041
Art and Constant Change: An Analysis of Two Case Studies
Project 042
Prestige and the origins of social inequality

Associated AHRC CEACB Projects (Phase 1):
Project 037
Archaeology and Language: the origin and dispersal of Tupi speakers in lowland South America
Project 015
Do new cultural assemblages arise primarily through phylogenesis or ethnogenesis?
Project 016
To what extent is culture vulnerable to phylogeny-obscuring change?
Project 018
Is material culture variation in New Guinea the result of phylogenesis or ethnogenesis?

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Associated Publications - AHRC CEACB - phase 1:
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