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06/05/2005 - New Publications:
The Island Chumash

A new book about the earliest colonizers of the west coast of North America will appear on shelves soon. Written by Douglas Kennett, Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Oregon, and published by the University of California Press, the book applies principles explored by CEACB research to an archaeological case study. Describing in detail the lives of the Chumash people of the Northern Channel Islands of California, the book explores the interplay between environment and cultural elaboration. Prof. Kennett’s research is not only an unprecedented reading of culture change in a discrete historical period, it is also a model for the application of the principles of human behavioural ecology to prehistory.

Prof. Kennett will be speaking on this subject at the CEACB 2005 conference “Pattern and Process in Cultural Evolution. Find out more here.

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